Pick+Place Packer


Create a multifunctional basic module for a variety of packaging tasks. You are looking for an all-rounder with the ideal mix of speed and load capacity? Then the twin-axis robot A+F TwinLine offers you the perfect basis for any application in the packaging industry. The module can be adapted to your specific task at any time by means of servo-pushers, suction grippers or mechanical grippers and also using additional turning and tilting functions. Use the easy-to-operate A+F TwinLine optionally for collation of the primary products, for sorting cups or beverage bottles or for a different pick-and-place task.

By the way: Thanks to drive struts made of lightweight CFRP and the installed servo technology, fast reactions and short cycles with loads of up to 63 kg can be realised without difficulty.

af PickPlace Twinline

A+F TwinLine in detail

  • Unique combination of short reaction time, fast motion sequences and high payload up to 63kg with a high positioning accuracy
  • Innovative technology in lightweight construction and servo technology
  • Application- and customer-specific designs of the product infeed and the carton line as well as application-specific design with servo-driven pusher, suction gripper or mechanical gripper
  • Multiple uses - pre-grouping of primary products, repacking or sorting of products as well as insertion of products into product carriers, trays or perforated trays
  • Low production costs due to high-quality, low-maintenance design
  • Ergonomic design for optimum operability and fast format changeover in less than 10 minutes

  • Control:
    TwinLine MIN: Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley
    TwinLine ST: Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley
    TwinLine MAX: Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley
  • Weight capacity:
    TwinLine MIN: 10 kg
    TwinLine ST: 25 kg
    TwinLine MAX: 63 kg
  • Reach A:
    TwinLine MIN: 630 x 320 mm
    TwinLine ST: 1080 x 400 mm
    TwinLine MAX: 1350 x 500 mm
  • Range B:
    TwinLine MIN: 500 x 254 mm
    TwinLine ST: 800 x 400 mm
    TwinLine MAX: 1070 x 500 mm

  • Grouping, handling and aligning products
  • Sorting products, e.g. cups or bottles
  • Positioning products in product carriers or loading products into secondary or tertiary packaging
  • Containers: pre-formed boxes, open trays, perforated trays, trays with lids.

  • Exchange tools for quick format change
  • Connection of the TwinLine to upstream and downstream equipment in an extremely compact configuration
  • Customised and application-specific configurations and technical solutions
  • Optional integration of an optical detection system for product position and orientation detection
  • Systems for detecting product contamination and rejection in terms of integrated quality assurance
  • Intelligent palletising solutions


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