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Sleeving machine SetLine

Easy processing of single cups, cup sets or bottles of any size and shape with the A+F SetLine. You would like to connect the packaging plant to your filling line? Create an integrated complete line that offers you maximum packaging flexibility and vast cost savings. Whether packed in a tray, a case or in a full sleeve for presentation– with the A+F SetLine you can create the exact packaging your product needs.

By the way: Thanks to the modular system concept you can adapt the cup sleeving system to your specific applications as required, process individual products or sets in defined pack formats – and optimise your processes cost-effectively thanks to short setup and changeover times.

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Sleeving machine SetLine in detail

  • The modular plant concept allows the configuration to be adapted to customer-specific applications
  • Line concepts with significant advantages in overall efficiency
  • The integration of several packaging steps in one line allows compact configurations with reduced space requirements
  • Filling and sealing of the presentation sleeve is done from above. This is associated with cost advantages due to smaller sleeve blanks as well as particularly stable, form-fitting sleeves for the optimum presentation of your products
  • The SetLine allows flexible processing of individual products or sets in defined pack formats - with short set-up/changeover times
  • The high-quality, stable construction ensures a long service life with low maintenance requirements

  • Product:
    FS Cups: 68 - 95 mm
    FFS Cups: sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, single cups
    Bottles: 40 -60 mm
  • Capacity:
    FS cups: 40,000 cups/h
    FFS cups: 43,000 cups/h
    Bottles: 30,000 bottles/h
  • Number of layers:
    FS cups: 1 and 2-ply
    FFS cups: 1 and 2-ply
    Bottles: 1-ply
  • max. height:
    FS Cups: 140 mm
    FFS Cups: 140 mm
    Bottles: 140 mm
  • Cuff design:
    FS cups: full cuff / clip
    FFS cups: full cuff
    Bottles: Full cuff / Head cuff
  • Tray feed / fabrication:
    FS Cups: Integrated or separate
    FFS Cups: Integrated or separate
    Bottles: Integrated or separate
  • Control:
    FS Cups: Schneider Electric / Allen Bradley
    FFS Cups: Schneider Electric / Allen Bradley
    Bottles: Schneider Electric / Allen Bradley

  • Sleeving of cups and bottles to form multi-packs
  • Inserting single cups and bottles into trays or perforated trays
  • Inserting multi-packs into trays
  • Repacking of products
  • Application of slip-on lids
  • Containers: open trays, perforated trays and trays with lids

  • Wide range of options and special solutions to cover specific customer requirements
  • Integration of the line into a central carton supply or the direct integration of erectors
  • Additional requirements, for example the integration of labelling, inspection or reading systems, intelligent palletising or other downstream equipment can be taken into account
  • Efficient processing of required formats with minimum changeover time due to variable configuration

A+F sleeving machines


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