Training and Consulting

Competent Consulting and Training

Essential for an efficient operation of our machines is an expert training of the operators and the maintenance personnel. Our individual training concepts provide the operators with the necessary knowledge of the machine structure and functions, the requirements for production, and the safety features. The maintenance personnel are offered a customized training to optimize their maintenance work.

Machine audits show the current status of your machines and give recommendations for further actions.

A first step is defining objectives and to establish the performance data that shall be achieved.

Following the machine assessment is an evaluation of any deviating performance criteria and the elaboration of an action plan.

Our expert project consultancy, based on many years of experience, provides professional advice in creating solutions and implementing new technologies. Our objective is to improve the packaging applications and processes by developing and implementing innovative solutions in both, technology and organization.

We conduct workshops in which we present new technologies and analyse interfaces, work processes, and the data flow.

Your Benefits

  • Sustainable increase in efficiency
  • Optimum use and machine operation
  • Motivation of employees
  • Cost savings

Our Services

  • Individual training tailored to specific operator and maintenance requirements
  • Machine audit based on jointly concept
  • Consulting for sustainable optimization in technology, workflow efficiency, and organization


Jacek Osiecki
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