Wrap-Around-Packer ModuLine

The cycle-controlled ModuLine Case Packer can pack virtually all conceivable products into a wide range of packs.

The modular design of this case packer enables the collation of incoming products into the desired packing configurations, loading these into trays/cases and performing any necessary closing applications. The individual functional modules are integrated, resulting in a perfectly harmonized system providing outputs in excess of 30 cases/minute.

Since its introduction several years ago, the Moduline Case Packer has been developed, improved and thoroughly proven in more than thousand applications worldwide.

  • Maximum flexibility coupled with high net production
  • Modular case line with dedicated product supply and collation
  • Modular packaging cell in application-specific configuration, equipped with servo pusher, 2-axis robot or gantry module
  • Wide range of packaging options, e.g. products packed in single or multiple rows, single- or multi-layer, flat, standing up, turned or stacked
  • Ultra-compact design with multiple configuration options (L, U, Z and mirrored configurations) in support of lowest footprint requirements
  • Low per-piece production cost driven by high quality, built-to-last design, and low servicing requirements
  • High dimensional and positioning accuracy with high repeatability
  • Ergonomic design for optimal operability and minimized format changeover time below 10 minutes
Type of tray/case open trays, wrap-around trays and cases, trays with attached or separate lids, shelf-ready display trays
Speed Max. 30 trays/min – depending on products and package dimensions
Tray/case size continuously adjustable
Length: 120 – 460 mm (standard) – max. 610 mm on request
Width: 90 – 300 mm (in transport direction) – max. 410 mm on request
Height: 80 – 300 mm


  • Packing of butter packs, margarine tubs, and other eatable fats
  • Packing of yoghurt cups (individual cups and cup sets), including compartment cups
  • Packing of small portion cups
  • Packing of glasses, jars, bottles, and cans
  • Packing of boxes, e.g. tea, cereals
  • Packing of beverage cartons and PET bottles

Type of Final Packaging

  • Open Trays
  • Wrap-Around Cases
  • Trays with separate lids
  • Shelf-ready display trays
  • Carton line capable of handling compartment plates e.g. for secure placement of individual cups
  • Exchange heads for Twinline 2-Axis-Robot or Gantry Module for quick changeover between jobs
  • Integration of Moduline Packer to upstream and downstream lines for ultra-compact configuration
  • Customized, application-specific configurations and technical solutions
  • Product Contamination Detection Systems and separation gates for integrated Quality Control
  • Intelligent Palletizing Solutions

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  • Food & Beverage
  • Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, other industries