Bottle-Packer ContiFlex

  • integrated A+F MultiFormer
  • Servomotor-driven movements
  • Case format changeover by means of Servomotors with stamp for pushing through the case blanks and alternating parts
  • Servomotor-driven double robot handling module
  • Suction cups for bottle pickup being mounted to the robot handling module
  • Shift of the suction cups for handling the corresponding pack paterns
  • Suction cup module is designed to travel at the gripper (running simultaneously with the bottles being fed = Linetracking)
  • Servomotor-driven robot handling module with closing unit for closure of the loaded wrap-around cases
  • Equipment is designed for wet application areas
  • High performance up to 15.000 trays / hour
  • Product infeed tailored to required performance levels – with optional supply of products from multiple filling lines
  • High format-flexibility of the case line enabling the production of open trays, wrap-around trays, trays with shoulder tabs and shoulder trays
  • Machine design with separation between working and drive levels ensuring an easy wash-down cleaning
  • Low per-piece production cost driven by high quality, built-to-last design and low servicing requirements
  • High dimensional and positioning accuracy with high repeatability
  • Ergonomic design for optimal operability and minimized format changeover time below 10 minutes
  • Bottle handling in different heights
  • Bottle handling in different shapes (suction cups as alternating part)
  • Mixed and un-mixed packaing varieties
  • Zero back pressure infeed
  • No infeed guide system
  • Loading of 15,000 bottles per hour
  • PLC: Schneider Electric
  • Schneider Electric Servomotors with planetary gear or angular gear
  • Trays und Wrap Around Cases
  • Customary dimensions (quadrangular and octagonal cases)
  • Different bottle shapes
  • Bottle heights from 100mm to 222mm without format parts/Change of format on the machine
  • SEW three-phase motors
  • PETG panes with aluminium side frames
  • Pilz safety door switches
  • Festo pneumatic components
  • HMI Siemens TP 1200 Comfort
  • Machine design can be adapted to suit higher performances an other product requirements
  • Trays
  • Wrap-Around Trays
  • in all customary heights and shapes
  • Integration to upstream and downstream equipment
  • Customized, application-specific configurations and technical solutions
  • Coding systems
  • Product Contamination Detection Systems and separation gates for integrated Quality Control
  • Intelligent Palletizing Solutions

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