Wrap-Around-Packer for Carton-Stacks PaperLine

A+F PaperLine Stack transport and WA-packer come with all required safety features. This includes a complete fence around the machine as well as a secured entry to the depalletizing area. The interface with the pallet transport is secured by a light curtain.Prior to delivery every A+F FLAT-Packing-Systems are test run using original test materials. A final test record is also carried out. All A+F FLAT-Packing-systems are delivered ready for connection to power and compressed air supplies. Use of industrial robots from either ABB or KUKA. Other manufacturers are available on request. For control of the FLAT-Packing-systems a Schneider/ELAU PLC is used. The operation is by means of a large touch Panel. An Allen Bradley/Rockwell is available on Option.

A fault message analysis as well as an advanced fault message display are available on option

Product Feeding and Grouping
The transfer of the stacks is directly linked to the stacking unit of the cutter. The carton stacks are conveyed gently by means of belt and roller conveyors (prevention of arc slip)
Optional to the online version the carton stacks can be picked offline from a pallet (with interlayer sheets) by a 6-axis robot.
After all carton stacks of one layer are picked up the empty interlayer sheet will be pick up as well and will be placed on a separate pallet.
An air table can be integrated in the conveying system as an option. On this table the alignment of the carton stacks can be checked and adjusted, faulty cartons can be sorted out or debris can be removed. Subsequently the cartons stacks can be brought back into the production process.
Angular transfer units and turning devices will secure the  carton stacks will arrive with the correct alignment (moving direction) to the infeed station of the packer. The carton stacks will be picked up laid up with a twin-axis-module and packed in the Wrap-Around-cases.
Alternatively the carton stacks can be stacked over each other in a cassette, turned and packed on edge in the Wrap-Around-case.

Case Line
The individual case blank is taken off the magazine by vacuum suckers and folded up to an U-shape. A servo-driven chain conveyor cycles the cases through the individual folding, pushing-in, and closing stations where the cases are closed with hotmelt.
In running direction and crosswise to the running direction, the case format setting is by means of fast and easy to use hand-operated spindles. Optional this format setup can be done by positioning drives.
Single modules (e.g. blank magazine, gripper and stacking cassette) are equipped with format parts which have to be changed.
The time needed for a format change is approx. 10 minutes
for one operator.
The machine frame structure is made from stainless steel rectangular section tubes in a strong weldment.
The operation of the machine is by means of a touch panel with a graphic display

Performance up to 600 cases/h
Case Types open cases, wrap-aroung cases, cases with lids, shoulder trays
Case-Inside-Dimensions (LxWxH) min. 90x160x50 mm / max. 610x410x280 mm
pallets Euro, Industrial, Chep, half Euro pallets
Supply Pipe R1″, 6 bar , 15 NM3/h
PLC Schneider Electric or Rockwell Allen Bradley as an option

A+F guarantees for reliable operation and built-to-last design of all machine components. All bought-in components are sourced from recognized industrial suppliers and meet the highest standards of reliability. Every machine passes a detailed and thorough in-house test run prior to dispatch.

  • Quick and reliable format changeover by use of customized format kits and spindle adjustments.
  • Low operational cost reached by high-quality design and low servicing requirements.
  • Prior to delivery every A+F FLAT-Packing-systems
    are test run using original test materials. A final test record is also carried out.

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