Cup-Sleeving-Machine SetLine

The A+F SetLine is a multi-functional, versatile Packaging System, which combines topsleeving technology with end-of-line packaging functionality. It enables a huge variety of packing solutions for your products. This Packaging System is capable of packing single cups, cup sets and bottles, of various shapes and sizes.

With the SetLine Packaging System it is you who decides on how your product is presented to the final customer. Whether packing single cups, cup sets or bottles, directly into trays or cases, or applying a display presentation sleeve – everything is possible.

Due to its modular design, the Setline Packaging System can be directly interfaced to a filling line. The design and the operating capabilities of the SetLine Packaging System ensure not only the highest flexibility in product packing, but also vast cost savings.


  • SetLine’s modular line concept allows tailoring the configuration to your specific application.
  • SetLine can be integrated with FS/FFS Cup Filler lines with improved line efficiency levels against non-integrated configurations.
  • The integration of sleeving and packaging functionality in one line consistently reduces the footprint requirements and makes best use of available floor space in production areas
  • Filling and closing of the sleeves takes place from top. This allows cost savings due to reduced carton consumption, while providing tight and stable product sets for best presentation.
  • SetLine provides superior operational flexibility and efficient set-up procedures. Individual products or product sets can be packed into defined pack formats.
  • The proven, built-to-last design guarantees high reliability and low servicing requirements.
FS Cups FFS Cups Bottles
Product 68 – 95 mm sets of 2, 4, 6, or 8, single cups 40 -60 mm
Speed 40,000 cups/h 43,000 cups/h 30,000 bottles/h
Layer count 1 and 2 layers 1 and 2 layers one layer
max. height 140 mm 140 mm 140 mm
type of sleeve full sleeve/clip full sleeve full sleeve / head sleeve
tray/case production “integrated” or “stand alone” “integrated” or “stand alone” “integrated” or “stand alone”
PLC Schneider Electric / Allen Bradley Schneider Electric / Allen Bradley Schneider Electric / Allen Bradley

  • Sleeving of cups and bottles to multi-packs
  • Packing of individual cups and bottles into trays and cases
  • Packing of multi-packs into cases
  • Commissioning of mixed sets
  • Application of cup lids


Type of Final Packaging

  • Open cases
  • Compartment trays
  • Trays/cases with separate lids
SetLine provides a wide range of options and customized solutions to cover the customer-specific requirements.

These start with the integration of SetLine into a centralized tray/case supply or providing tray/case erectors as part of the configuration.

Additional requirements, like integration of coding devices, inspection and vision systems, intelligent palletizing or other downstream equipment can be taken into account to provide a tailored, fully integrated line.

In case of different products with changing formats, SetLine can be designed to provide the requested level of format flexibility while allowing short changeover times.


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