Pick+Place-Packer TwinLine

The TwinLine Twin-Axis-Robot is a multi-functional basic module featuring a unique combination of high performance and handling of heavy loads.

The innovative mechanical design – with drive arms in lightweight carbon fibre and servo-technology – allows for short response and cycle times with loads of up to 63 kg. With this background, TwinLine is most suitable to meet today`s sophisticated demands in packaging applications.

TwinLine adapts exactly to the specific application requirements: For this purpose servo-driven pusher, vacuum or mechanical gripper systems are available and can be completed by turning or tilting capabilities.

Whatever your mindset is – collating the primary product, assorting cups or bottles, the primary product or “pick and placing“– the user-friendly Operator Interface will allow Twinline to adapt seamlessly to your requirements.

  • Unique combination of short response time, high performance and capability to handle heavy loads up to 63kg.
  • Innovative design with lightweight design and servo technology
  • Application-based, customized supply of products and trays
  • Application-based configuration with servo-driven pusher, vacuum head or mechanical gripper
  • Wide range of applications, collating of the primary products, assorting of products or pick & placing products into product carriers, trays/cases or compartment trays.
  • Low per-piece production cost driven by high quality, built-to-last design and low servicing requirements
  • High positioning accuracy with high repeatability
  • Ergonomic design for optimal operability and minimized format changeover time below 10 minutes
TwinLine MIN TwinLine ST TwinLine MAX
PLC Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley
Load capability 10 kg 25 kg 63 kg
Work range A 630 x 320 mm 1080 x 400 mm 1350 x 500 mm
Work range B 500 x 254 mm 800 x 400 mm 1070 x 500 mm


  • Collating, handling and orienting of products
  • Commissioning of products, e.g. cups or bottles
  • Picking and placing of products into product carriers, secondary packaging or outer corrugated packaging

Type of Final Packaging

  • Pre-formed boxes
  • Open Trays
  • Compartment Trays
  • Trays with separate lids
  • Exchange heads for quick format change between jobs
  • Integration of Twinline to upstream and downstream equipment for ultra-compact configuration
  • Customized, application-specific configurations and technical solutions
  • Optional integration of Vision System for detection of product position and orientation
  • Product Contamination Detection Systems and separation gates for integrated Quality Control
  • Intelligent Palletizing Solutions

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  • Diary
  • Food & Beverage
  • Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, other industries