Layer-Plate-Palletizer 350Q / 355Q

The governing criteria for selecting the optimum palletizing system depend upon individual customers’ requirements. On that principle, A+F offers both robot palletizers and conventional palletizers in layerplate forms, well integrated into the production environment.

A+F‘s conventional palletizers are particularly suitable both for high speed applications and when handling heavy weights, at speeds of up to 400 layers/h. The space-saving palletizers require only minimum floor space and provide a simple, but reliable solution with minimal servicing requirements.

Robot palletizers focus on extremely high flexibility. With a single gripper system all products, layer sheets and pallet handling can be processed from up to four different production lines simultaneously. A+F‘s robot palletizers operate at the highest levels of quality and flexibility and ensure the maintenance effort and costs are kept to a minimum.

A+F’s scope of supply can comprise all line elements, such as tray/crate conveying from the packing machine, empty pallet magazine/supply and full pallet conveying to either a high bay warehouse or the final dispatch point. For total tracking of goods, a data exchange interface with other storage identification systems can be provided.

All A+F‘s palletizers are of modular design and construction and rely on long-term expertise and technology proven in many diverse industries.


  • Modular technical concept with wide envelope of technical options
  • Proven technical design and long-term experience in various industries.
  • Choice of conventional palletizers for heavy loads and high performance range up to 400 layers/hour or robotic palletizers for maximum flexibility.
  • Total solution approach including product supply, empty pallet supply and loaded pallet transport
  • Low maintenance cost driven by high quality, built-to-last design and low servicing requirements
  • Ergonomic design for optimal operability
  • High quality, built-to-last equipment
Robot palletizers Standard palletizers
Number of axes up to 6
Max. load 450 kg 180 kg/pallet layer
Speed up to 5 load cycles/min. up to 400 layers/h
PLC KUKA, ABB Siemens, Allen Bradley
Production lines up to 4 up to 2
Additional handling of slip sheets, empty pallets slip sheets


  • Palletizing

Type of Final Packaging

  • All kind of cartons, trays, crates, cases
  • Wrapped sets
  • Full logistical concept for production site
  • Interface to Storage Identification / Tracking Systems

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  • Food & Beverages
  • Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, other industries
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