An “Appetizer” for you!

The End of Line experts thank you for your commitment in 2018 and look forward to a continued good cooperation in 2019! As an “appetizer” now, a great project from last year.
In two steps, an all-in package for a customer from England was put together successfully. 3 final packing lines were delivered.
In the first step, a tray-erector type MultiFormer and a third-generation SetLine sleeving system were commissioned at the customer site. Here, 4 and 6 cup sets are wrapped in sleeves and placed into the preformed tray. The challenge was the very short project lead-time. This was implemented through optimal standardization. A + F has built over 60 pieces of this machine category in the last years and is the market leader in this flexible, high-performance segment.

In the second step, two lines for packaging cups in pillow wraps were delivered and put into operation. The latest generation of FlexLine picks up the cups (also for different flavours) with a special gripper in several tracks and groups them. The cups can be placed on a bottom sheet either side by side or one above the other.
The stacks thus formed will be packed in the integrated film machine into a pillow wrap. A separate format-flexible MultiFormer erects the trays.
The supplied pillow wraps are grouped by the integrated TwinLine and will be packed in the trays. As another option, the cups can be placed directly into the tray. The finished products will be delivered to the palletizing equipment. All systems are equipped with the module A + F Condition Monitoring. This system enables the continuous evaluation of faults and makes the line efficiencies permanently transparent in an overview.

We thank all participants for the good cooperation and look forward to further joint projects.Stay up to date and find out more at look forward to you!