A+F presents the FlexoPac 3D – an innovative Pick and Place Machine Concept at the Empack exhibition 2018 in Utrecht, Netherlands

At the Empack exhibition in Utrecht, Netherlands (April 10th – April 12rd) A+F presents the new FlexoPac 3D. This packaging unit is capable of creating trays, packages or wrap-around cartons allowing the flexible change of formats. Products will be identified using a 3D camera, then positioned and placed in the carton.

See the live demonstration of the FlexoPac 3D packaging Chocolate and cereal bars!

You would like to have a preview – here is the link to more information.


Whether we are talking about cartons, bags, sticks, bars, deep drawn parts or other products – all are identified using a 3D camera system and then packaged accordingly. This technology enables a very gentle product handling.

The system can produce a large number of carton variations, for example trays, wrap-around cartons or boxes. The various carton formats will be pre-glued in the integrated tray erector using hot melt glue.

Actuators enable the operator to adjust the system fully automatic. The use of format change parts and the change time will be reduced to a minimum.

The packing is done by a 4-achses Delta 3 robot with specific grippers. These can be replaced using a quick change mechanism. The number of Delta 3 robots used, determines the speed and output of the machine.

Computer controlled, the products will be placed in one or more layers in the open carton. When the preset quantity of product is packed, the carton will go through the closing unit. The carton can be marked with a barcode, the best before date or other information. The pack will then be conveyed to the palletizing station.

We look forward to meet you at the Empack 2018 in Utrecht, booth E129